Team Foundation Menu Doesn't Exist In VB6 After MSSCCI Installation

I spent hours to solve this problem…

My customer has VB6 SP5, we installed Team Explorer 2008, MSSCCI provider…and nothing! I started the VB6 IDE, but I cannot find any source control or Team Foundation menu’s.

Then I found this thread.

The Solution:

Add the line:


To c:windowsvbaddin.ini

Then restart VB6, and you get a new menu item: Tools, Team Foundation.

How To: Delete Build Agent In TFS 2008

I’m working on my TechEd demos which includes DB Projs and MSBuild + Team Build .I needed to remove one of my build agents.

To remove a build agent, navigate to to the Build Menu,  or the Build Explorer.  Click on Manage Build Agents in order to remove/edit/add a build agent.


In order to use the Build Menu, you must first open the Team Explorer. Otherwise, the Manage Build Agents will not be part of the menu.


Install Team Foundation On Virtual Server

Virtual ServerI’ve been asked several time about this issue – are there any restrictions  in setting up Team Foundation Server on a virtual server as a development server?

The answer is NO. There are no issues for such installation.

Read about it here.

Restrict Users To Open WorkItem

Sometimes you need to restrict users to use work items or make it obsolete. We can’t delete a work item type from the process template, so we must find other ways. I didn’t find a good solution for that issue.  (There is an article from MS, how to make a work item obsolete, but I needed other solution. read here:

You can do that by editing work item type definition for the type and setting permissions on the first transition:

<TRANSITION from="" to="Opened" for="YOUR DOMAINUSER OR GROUP" >

That way, only authorized users can open work item of this type.

Team Project: What? Why? How?

Over the last year I frequently asked by our customers “What is the best way to structure my team projects?”.
This is a good question!
And the answer?….

Miscrosot produced a whitepaper (Guidance for Structuring Team Projects) that summarizes the factors to consider when making this choice.

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