Windows Azure Training Kit Updated for Visual Studio 2010

windows_azure_smallThe Windows Azure Platform Training Kit has been updated. The kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform including: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric. The June release includes new and updated labs for Visual Studio 2010.

Get the kit from Microsoft Download at Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – June Update.

Here is what is new in the kit:

  • Introduction to Windows Azure – VS2010 version
  • Introduction To SQL Azure – VS2010 version
  • Introduction to the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Service Bus – VS2010 version
  • Introduction to Dallas – VS2010 version
  • Introduction to the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Access Control Service – VS2010 version
  • Web Services and Identity in the Cloud
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage VS2010 version + new Exercise: “Working with Drives”
  • Windows Azure Deployment VS2010 version + new Exercise: “Securing Windows Azure with SSL”
  • Minor fixes to presentations – mainly timelines, pricing, new features etc.

This training kit now contains the following content:
Hands On Labs

  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage
  • Deploying and Monitoring Applications in Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure: Worker Role Communication
  • Federated Authentication in a Windows Azure Web Role Application
  • Web Services and Identity in the Cloud
  • Building ASP.NET Web Form Applications with Windows Azure
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Migrating Databases to SQL Azure
  • SQL Azure: Tips and Tricks
  • Intro to Dallas
  • Introduction to the .NET Service Bus
  • Introduction to the .NET Access Control Service
  • Service Remoting with Service Bus
  • Eventing with the Service Bus

Presentations and Videos

  • Windows Azure Platform Overview (C9 – VIDEO)
  • What is Windows Azure? (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Windows Azure Storage Overview (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Deploying Applications on Windows Azure (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Windows Azure Compute (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Introduction to Windows Azure (PPTX)
  • Building Services with Windows Azure (PPTX)
  • What is SQL Azure? (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Introduction to SQL Azure (PPTX)
  • Building Applications using SQL Azure (PPTX)
  • Scaling out with SQL Azure
  • What is Microsoft Codename "Dallas"? (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Codename "Dallas" (PPTX)
  • What is the Access Control Service (C9 – VIDEO)
  • Introduction to the Service Bus (C9 – VIDEO)


  • Deploying Windows Azure Services
  • Hello Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Guestbook Demo
  • Windows Azure Logging and Configuration Demo
  • Windows Azure using Blobs Demo
  • Windows Azure Worker Role Demo
  • Windows Azure Using Queues Demo
  • Windows Azure Using Tables Demo
  • Preparing your SQL Azure Account
  • Connecting to SQL Azure
  • Managing Logins and Security in SQL Azure
  • Creating Objects in SQL Azure
  • Migrating a Database Schema to SQL Azure
  • Moving Data Into and Out Of SQL Azure using SSIS
  • Building a Simple SQL Azure App
  • Scaling Out SQL Azure with Database Sharding
  • AppFabric Service Bus Direct Connection Demo
  • AppFabric Service Bus webHttpRelayBinding
  • AppFabric Service Bus Publish and Subscribe
  • AppFabric Service Bus Service Registry
  • AppFabric Service Bus NetOneWayRelayBinding

Samples and Tools

  • Windows Azure MMC
  • Windows Azure Service Management CmdLets
  • PhluffyFotos

Updates to SQL Azure

sql-azure-logo-lgSQL Azure news were announced today at TechED North America.

Microsoft announced it will offer spatial data support and access to 50GB of SQL Azure Database capacity allowing for higher scalability, flexibility and easier management of applications and services. Further enhancements to management capabilities include the public preview of SQL Azure Data Sync Service, which provides more flexible control over where and how data is distributed and synced across multiple datacenters, and Microsoft SQL Server Web Manager, a lightweight and easy to use tool to help develop, deploy, and manage data-driven applications on the cloud.

Windows Azure News

windows-azure-logoWindows Azure news were announced today at TechED North America.

This includes an updated Windows Azure Software Development Kit with support for .NET Framework 4, which enables developers to build more connected applications in the cloud, and support for Visual Studio 2010 IntelliTrace, which simplifies the process of debugging services in the cloud. In addition, the Windows Azure platform Content Delivery Network will move from community technology preview to general availability, enabling improved end-user performance and delivery of content stored in Windows Azure.

More information and downloads are available at

New Windows Azure Tools + SDK

The June 2010 release of the Windows Azure Tools + SDK will include:

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM
  • .NET 4 support to provide developers with the flexibility to build services targeting either the .NET 3.5 or .NET 4 framework
  • Cloud storage explorer to make it easier for developers to build compelling services by displaying a read-only view of Windows Azure tables and blob containers through the Visual Studio Server Explorer
  • Integrated deployment, which will enable developers to deploy services directly from Visual Studio by selecting ‘Publish’ from the Solution Explorer
  • Service monitoring to help developers track and manage the state of their services through the ‘compute’ node in Server Explorer
  • IntelliTrace support for services running in the cloud to simplify the process of debugging services in the cloud through the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate IntelliTrace feature. For more information see this post.

To download the new Tools + SDK, please click here.

OS Auto-upgrade Feature

The OS-auto upgrade feature provides developers the flexibility to have the Guest OS for their service deployment automatically upgrade to the latest available release. Developers will continue to retain the ability to manually upgrade to a specific release of the Guest OS as well. Developers can enable the OS auto-upgrade feature either through the Service Management API or through the developer portal. The list of OS releases can be found here

Production Launch of the Windows Azure CDN

With 19 locations globally (United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America), the Windows Azure CDN offers developers a global solution for delivering high-bandwidth content, enhancing end user performance and reliability by placing copies of data, at various points in a network, so that they are distributed closer to the user. Content types supported by the Windows Azure CDN include web objects (e.g. JPG, CSS, and JavaScript), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents) and other components for Internet delivery. The Windows Azure CDN supports HTTP delivery of public content stored in Windows Azure storage.

The billing of the Windows Azure CDN will begin after June 30, 2010.

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