This page contains some of my presentations and event participation.

Scroll the page down to view the events in the calendar

  • March, 16, 2011: SDP – Sela Developer Practice: Server Track Keynote
  • March, 9, 2011: NESS Technologies Testing seminar: session about Microsoft Test Lab Manager and Testing Solution.
  • November, 28-30,2010: TechEd 2010 Eilat ( Tech·Ed is Microsoft’s premier technical education event providing the most comprehensive technical training on Microsoft’s suite of products, technologies, solutions and services. I’ll talk there about Cloud Computing and Windows Azure. I also the track owner for the CTO track and Cloud & Services track
  • November, 16,2010: CloudCon ( The annual event about cloud computing. I’ll talk there about Cloud Computing and Windows Azure.
  • March, 22,2010: Developer Academy 4: The annual event for developers in Israel. Presented there Cloud Computing and Windows Azure.
  • December,2-3,2009: IGT 2009. The World Summit of Cloud Computing. Will present there at the keynote about Windows Azure.
  • October,20-22,2009: High-Tech Mizpe Hayamim Event. I’ll present there Team System 2010 & Windows Azure.
  • October,18,2009: Team System 2010 presentation for IAI.
  • October, 11, 2009: Windows Azure presentation.
  • August, 13,2009: Presenting MS roadmap to Elbit Systems.
  • July, 26, 2009 – Aug,1,2009: I’ll attending TechReady 9 event in Seattle,WA.
  • May,21,2009: Giving a 3 hours presentation to Intel Israel about MSBuild & Team Build 3.5.
  • May, 17, 2009: I’ll speak in front of IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) TBM/BDM about ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 4.0.
  • May, 6, 2009: I’ll talk in front of the Israeli eductional partenrs of Microsoft Israel about ASP.NET 3.5 and the future with ASP.NET 4.0.

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