The World Summit of Cloud Computing

Two days ago, at the annual conference of The World Summit of Cloud Computing (, organized by The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT) (, my college, Eliaz Tobias and myself, had the chance to co-present and speak on Microsoft’s recent announcements for the cloud.

Our presentation was part of the keynote which included a speakers from IGT, Martix, IBM & NetApp. This year, the IGT annual event focused on the business and technology aspects of Cloud Computing.

Our presentation included introduction of cloud computing, Software + Services, Windows Azure introduction, dynamic data center toolkit for private cloud (DDTK) and a real demo.

It was a great pleasure to present in such interesting and important conference. From the feedbacks we’ve got, people were very impressed from our roadmap and offerings for Public Cloud Windows Azure Platform, our Private Cloud with Dynamic Data Center Toolkit and services running on the cloud including Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).

You can download the presentation from the “Presentations” page:

here are some pictures from the conference:

Eliaz during the presentation

Eliaz is presenting

I’m demonstrating Windows Azure

Maor David-Pur is demonstrating Windows Azure

Maor David-Pur is demonstrating Windows Azure

Maor David-Pur is demonstrating Windows Azure




My TechED Talk – Slides AND Demo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at TechEd Israel 2008. It was a great experience!

My Session went very well, if I do say so myself. I talked about controlling your database lifecycle with data dude.

In any case, if you were in my talk, I’d love to hear your comments (good or bad!) about it so that I can either feel good about it, or get better for next time.

Thanks to everyone that wake up for the talk – it was very well attended despite the time (9:00 AM after the midnight party…).

You can download here slides and demo:

ALM 403: Control Your Database Lifecycle With Data Dude – Agenda

Next week I’ll give a session at TechEd 2008 In Eilat, Israel. The session will introduce you how you can control your database changes and integrate it into your agile development methodology.

Do you want to control your database changes?

Do you want to test your database with unit test and even run static analysis on it?

Do you want better life and easier deployment of database schema changes to production database?

If one of your answers is YES, come to hear me.

Session Details:

  • Session Name: ALM403: Control your Database Lifecycle with Data Dude
  • Level: 400
  • Time: 8/4/2008, 9:00 AM
  • Location: Hilton Hotel, Ofir-Adom Hall

Session’s Agenda:

  • What is Data Dude?
  • Data Dude Features
  • Test Your Database!
  • Build & Deploy (MSBuild & Team Build)
  • Case Study: nuconomy
  • Q & A
  • Summary

Microsoft opened up the meetings application at If you want to meet me and talk with me on development, WCF, LINQ, ALM or anything else – contact me! I’ll be glad to see you!

Meet you there…

Want to Meet Me at TechEd?

As you know, I will be presenting a presentation in TechEd 08 Israel.  Microsoft opened up the meetings application at

If you are attending TechEd 08 Israel , you can set an appointment with me, by using this application.sign_party

To find me there navigate to the Find Participants screen and looking for ALM or מאור as keyword.

My presentation details:

  • Name: ALM403: Control your Database Lifecycle with Data Dude
  • Time: 8/4/2008, 9:00 AM
  • Location: Hilton Hotel, Ofir-Adom Hall

I’m always happy to answer questions – so come meet me in Tech Ed, and let me know how you liked my presentation!

Tech-Ed 2008 Talk

As I posted earlier, I’ll speak at the next Tech-Ed in Eilat (6-8 April 2008). This is a great honor for me!

My session will be about MSBuild & VSTS for Database Professional.

The session is title less for now…. If you have any idea – please send it to me.

In order to give you a great presentation, help me to decide about it’s content:

  • Do you have any unanswered questions around VSTS for Database Professionals?
  • What do you like most and least about VSTS for Database Professionals?
  • Do you have any stories you would be willing to share if you used VSTS for Database Professionals?

The next days are critical… I’ll choose a title and announce the session’s agenda. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, advices,wish list, feedbacks or anything – comment it here or send me and email please.


DevAcademy2 Summary

Yesterday I presented at DevAcademy II event – an annual developers event organized by Microsoft Israel. It was a great event and highly-professional. I really enjoyed it.

A big thanks to Microsoft Israel for the technical and logistical planning and execution of this event.  Both speakers and attendees commented it was great and professional.

I’ll post later the download link of my presentation and demos –  DEV215: Integrating Databases Into ALM.

See you in the next event!

Photos – Thanks to Mr. Adi Avnit.



My session at Dev Academy 2007

Do you want to know how VSTS for database professionals helps you to take control on your database change? or how you can ensure you software quality? How can you write and execute unit tests for your database objects? devAcademy

You can get the answers and even more details and great features in the next Developers Conference here in Israel – Developer Academy 2.

I will be giving a there a session about VSTS for database professionals. If you work with databases then you will want to see the new capabilities offered by the latest addition to Visual Studio Team System from Microsoft. In this session, you will learn how this product will change the way you work with databases forever; you will get a look at how Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is used to help with Database development, Database Unit Testing, Database Refactoring, Code-Analysis for Database and Database deployment.

If you want to see more, or you have a question – post a comment.

See you there!

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