Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta and Windows Web Application Gallery

Last week we launched the Windows Web Application Gallery, a catalog of the most popular Web applications that ALL run on Windows.   main-img

The Windows Web Application Gallery is a community hub of free and popular .NET and PHP applications for you to use for creating dynamic web solutions.

Features include:

  • Simple install of the application through the Web Platform Installer
  • Rate and Comment on Applications
  • Sort by Most Popular, Highest Rated, Latest
  • Filter by Category
  • Submit your own Web Applications
  • Strategic part of increasing our NextWeb goals around server share

The Microsoft Web Platform is our vision to deliver the best platform to developers for building their Web applications. Microsoft is committed to delivering the platform, tools, and applications that development organizations, communities, and developers need and value; with the long-term idea of supporting a lucrative market to benefit developers and end-users. The Microsoft Platform is designed to interoperate with both ASP.NET and PHP, and integrate easily with community applications and products in the market today.



Microsoft Web Platform Installer 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of the Microsoft Web Platform Installer is out .

The Web Platform Installer (Web PI) is a simple tool that makes it very easy to download and install Microsoft’s entire Web Platform in one step, including IIS, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework. Using the Web Platform Installer’s user interface, you can choose to install either specific products or the entire Microsoft Web Platform onto your computer. The Web PI also helps keep your products up to date by always offering the latest additions to the Web Platform. Web PI 1.0 supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and of course Windows 2008.

Also worth noting is the Microsoft Web Applicaton Installer (Web AI) currently in in Beta which allows you to quickly install a set of open source ASP.NET and PHP applications. The tool will check for required pre-requisites as well.

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