CTP15 of the GDR release of VSTSDB is available

Gert just announced that they just released a new CTP of the upcoming 2008 update, Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR.

You can download it from MSDN:

Most important changes:

  • Project upgrade is now in place.
  • Mixed projects are no longer supported, from now on server projects represent only server creatable objects and user objects that need to be deployed to “master”. Another change is that server options will not get deployed; we only validate the settings as pre-requisites for a deployment. As such server options (sp_configure) have been added to the project system.
  • The interpreter now understands temporary tables, table variables and select into column sources.
  • The Static Code Analysis MSBuild task was added
  • XSD Reference user interface support is enable, but it does not yet create XML Schema Collections
  • And lots of fixes since CTP14

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VSTS 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools – July 2008 Release

The Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools is a set of enhancements, tools and command line utilities that improve the Team Foundation Server user experience.

The latest power tools release can be found here: TFS July 2008 Power Tools.

See BHarry’s blog for an overview of all the great enhancements and make sure you download and install it.

The following tools are installed with the tfpt.msi package:

  • Command line tool (TFPT.EXE)
  • Team Explorer IDE menu additions
  • Build Notification tool
  • TFS Best Practices Analyzer
  • Process Template Editor
  • Work Item Templates
  • Custom check-in policies
  • TFS Server Manager
  • TFS Users tool
  • Alert Editor

Also available is the WssExt64Bit installer which provides the ability to install the Team Foundation Server WSS extensions into a 64-bit WSS instance. The RTM version of the WssExt installer that ships with Team Foundation Server 2008 does not support 64-bit WSS sites.

For more information, see Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools.

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