The First Android Phone Will Be Launched Next Week

HTC Dream, the first mobile device that uses Android will be introduced on September 23 by T-Mobile at a press conference in New York. "HTC says it expects to ship 600,000 to 700,000 units of the smart phone, dubbed the Dream, this year," according to Wall Street Journal.
The phone will be available at the end of October, but you can see a demo from Google Developer Day in London.

Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms, is aware that the first Android-powered mobile phone is very important for the public perception. "If we come out with a dud, people will go, ‘Well, that was a waste of time’". Reuters reports that the device will ship with a beta version of the Android application marketplace and Google will not make money from selling applications. "We made a strategic decision not to revenue share with the developers. We will basically pass through any revenue to the carrier or the developer."
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GMAIL New Feature

Do you need help with keyboard shortcuts in Gmail? Just type ? (question mark) and you’ll see a list of the most important keyboard shortcuts. To use it, you need to enable keyword shortcuts in the Settings before using them (the option is disabled by default).

I really like it!


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New version of Gmail is Here!

New version of Gmail is already available in some Gmail accounts. If you see a link to a “newer version” at the top of the page, click on it and enjoy the new features:

  • Prefetching messages: When you load a page that contains a list of messages, Gmail will fetch them in advance so that when you need them, they’ll be available instantly. Google said that Gmail will have a completely new JavaScript architecture that will bring a much better performance.
  • A new contact manager that will be shared with other Google apps (Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.)

Just to remind you, the previous gift from Google was a bigger mailbox’s size.

Not all accounts got the new version, but during the next days I believe it will happen.



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Gmail's Storage Increases to 6 GB

gmailI read at Google Operating System blog that Gmail will increase the free storage gradually in the next days. On October 23, you’ll get 4321 MB of storage, then the growth will slow down until January 4, when you’ll have 6283 MB of storage.

That’s really great.

Read more here.

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I Search with Google’s experimental

Google recently added “Experiemental Search” to their list of Google labs options. Yesterday I started to search with it, and I found it quite interesting.

There are currently four different experimental search options. You just have to go to Google Experimental and select one of the four features that are currently tested.

  1. New ways to view search results: using specialized snippets, on a timeline or on a map. You can also access this feature without joining the experiment, using the view operator: just add view:info, view:timeline or view:map to your query.
  2. keyboard shortcuts: select a search result or move to the next result without using your mouse. You’ll like it if you use shortcuts in Gmail or Google Reader.
  3. Two similar experiments: put the search navigation at the left/right of the page.


Timeline and maps view
Timeline view is a great way to sort results, especially for research queries. The results are grouped by years (or decades) and ordered from oldest down to the most recent. At the top of the screen is a linkable timeline that allows you to filter the results by selected time periods.

For example, I would like to know Microsoft’s history.

I query: microsoft view:timeline and I got:


Keyboard shortcuts
The keyboard shortcut interface is just as it sounds, it provides a quick and easy way to navigate the search results using only our keyboard.

Key Action
J Selects the next result.
K Selects the previous result.
O Opens the selected result.
<Enter> Opens the selected result.
/ Puts the cursor in the search box.
<Esc> Removes the cursor from the search box.


left/Right hand search navigation



You can only choose one experiment at a time, it’s easy to switch between them or deactivate them and there’s an option to send your feedback.


Google Presentation

Posted at Maor David’s blog:

Google updated recently their Applications suite with the addition of Google Presentation. It was added to all of including Google Apps For Your Domain, which I also use.

Nice things in this application

  • It looks just like PowerPoint!
  • Great Revisions support – many copies are saved all the time, so you’ll never lose anything.
  • You can start a presentation then give folks a URL and they can join up and watch.
  • Upload a PPT .
  • You can chat about the presentation being watched.
  • Save as a ZIP file. They’ll create a “self-contained” ZIP with a single HTML file and the assets you need to run the presentation using any browser.

But there also annoying things:

  • No spellcheck support.
  • Can’t link to pictures online, have to upload.
  • No animations, shapes, auto-layouts, wizards, etc.
  • Very basic. No PowerPoint-like experience on the web.
  • JavaScript errors.
  • You can upload PPT, but you can’t Save As PPT.

    Nice application but I think I’ll wait to the next versions.

    Also posted at:

  • Code search on the Web

    When I need to search a code in the web, I usually used Google web search or Google Code Search.

    Yesterday I found a great code search engine – Krugle.

    Krugle has great AJAX interface, tabs that allow you to open more search results in the same page, syntax highlighting and an easy way to browse within a project directory. Krugle also has a search engine for tech articles and documentations.

    Another great utility from Krugle is that you can search on specific code features such as function calls, function definitions, class definitions and comments.

    However, Krugle’s disadvantage (when compare it with Google Code Search) is that Krugle has a less comprehensive index and doesn’t support regular expressions for queries.

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    ZOHO – online office suite

    I saw today an amazing online office suite: ZOHO.

    Zoho is an a product of an Indian company called AdventNet and it includes everything from word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, notebooks to wikis, online databases, project management.

    Guys, I tried it: It’s amazing.

    A lot of features which inclueded in MS Office suite included here…and its totally free!!

    Comparision to Google Docs is unavoidable: It’s better!

    Try it.


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    I'm using Google Apps for Domains

    It took me long enough, but finally I’m using Google Apps For Domains.

    I’ve started using their free service (2 GB Email. with your own domain name) and have moved all of my current emailing aliases into that email service.

    As you probably know, the spam filtering is awesome and the search capabilities are, well, Googlishious. No more need to pay for hosting or spam filtering!

    I like the email web interface but do not forget: I can access my emails with pop3 from outlook, so no problem getting a “hard copy” of my emails offline.

    My Calendar also hosted at google, so I’m all set.

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    New and better document management in Google Docs

    Google docs looks amazing!



    The new home page has a sidebar that lets you filter the documents by tag (renamed to folder in the interface), by type or by collaborator. You can now see all your files by default, not only the documents or spreadsheets active in the last 30 days.
    The folders can now have descriptions and you can send a document to a folder by using drag and drop!


    Google removed the option to sort the files by name or author, so the only available sort option is by date.


    The search box includes an autocomplete feature for file names, folders, authors.

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