Yahoo! Announcing the OpenSocial Foundation

opensocial-logoYahoo! announced  that the company  intends to support Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Yahoo seems to be all about openness lately (Open Search, support for OpenID), so the announcement shouldn’t surprise anyone.

OpenSocial is a Google coalition, which plans to build up a common set of standards for web developers to make social networking widgets and other programs for Web sites, includes MySpace, Plaxo, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, LinkedIn, Six Apart, Oracle, and Ning, to name but ten.

From Yahoo’s blog:

Yahoo! has always been about helping users find and share information online, and we love giving our broad and loyal developer community the tools they need to keep innovating on this front. Their echo our passion for creating the best Web experience for our users.
In this same spirit, we announced today that we’ve joined forces with Google and MySpace to create the OpenSocial Foundation, and will also begin supporting the OpenSocial standard. Industry consortiums such as this often start slowly and evolve over time. So far, OpenSocial is rapidly growing and adapting, but still in the early stages. We feel that this is the right step at this stage in its evolution. It’s no longer a trial balloon — it’s for real. We are taking this opportunity to help ensure websites and developers feel confident using OpenSocial as the building blocks for their new social apps.


The creators of many of the most popular applications on Facebook have already said they plan to also adapt their programs to conform with the OpenSocial standard.

Announcing Volta: Web Development Using Only the Materials in the Room

volta Just released from Microsoft Live Labs: Volta.

Volta is another codename project from Microsoft that aims at Web UI experience.


The Volta technology preview is a developer toolset that enables you to build multi-tier web applications by applying familiar techniques and patterns. First, design and build your application as a .NET client application, then assign the portions of the application to run on the server and the client tiers late in the development process. The compiler creates cross-browser JavaScript for the client tier, web services for the server tier, and communication,erialization, synchronization, security, and other boilerplate code to tie the tiers together.

See detailed architectural and fundamental description here.

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Microsoft to release .NET Framework Library Source Code

Scott Guthrie just made an exciting post, starting with .NET 3.5 and VS 2008 the .NET libraries will have source available! 

One of the things my team has been working to enable has been the ability for .NET developers to download and browse the source code of the .NET Framework libraries, and to easily enable debugging support in them.

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ll be providing this with the .NET 3.5 and VS 2008 release later this year.

Anyone who accepts the Microsoft Reference License will be able to browse and view the source code. The initial publication will include the BCL (System, System.IO, System.Collections, System.Configuration, System.Threading, System.Net, System.Security, System.Runtime, System.Text, etc), ASP.NET (System.Web), Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms), ADO.NET (System.Data), XML (System.Xml), and WPF (System.Windows).

Read all about it here:

Here’s a little more by Shawn Burke:

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EntLib Contrib September 2007 Release

entlib EntLib Contrib is a community-developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.

The latest release of EntLib Contrib is Enterprise Library Contrib September 2007.

What’s new? Per Tom Hollander:

  • Data Access Application Block extensions:
    • MySql, SqLite and SqlEx providers.
  • Exception Handling Application Block extensions:
    • SqlException Wrap Handler.
  • Logging Application Block extensions:
    • LogParser.
  • Policy Injection Application Block extensions:
    • PostSharp4EntLib.
    • New matching rules: And, Or and Not.
    • New call handlers: CursorCallHandler, OneWayCallHandler, SynchronizedCallHandler, ThreadSafeCallHandler, TransactionScopeCallHandler.
  • Validation Application Block extensions:
    • New validators: CollectionCountValidator, TypeValidator<T>, ObjectValidator<T>, EnumDefinedValidator.
    • Designtime enhancements: Lightweight type picker, Test command.
    • Other extensions: Default validators, Argument Validation, ExternallyConfigurableObjectValidator.

Astoria CTP Refresh for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

The Astoria team has just released a refresh of the Astoria Prototype CTP to work with Visual Studio Beta 2 and the Entity Framework Beta 2.
The Astoria September 2007 CTP is now available for download.
This CTP is a refresh of the May CTP/Prototype bits recompiled so they run with Visual Studio 2008/Entity Framework Beta 2.
You can visit the Astoria Team Blog for more information.
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The post also avalable at:

Microsoft Launches Translation Service

Microsoft launched a service for automatic translation called Windows Live Translator. The site lets you translate a text limited to 500 words or a web page from English to German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

Microsoft uses Systran to produce most of the translations, but also offers an option to translate computer-related texts using a machine translation system developed in-house. Microsoft’s translation technology has been used to translate technical materials, including MSDN Library.

Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Released

Highlights of the Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Release:

  • Insert videos using our new ‘Insert Video’ dialog
  • Upload images to Picasaweb when publishing to your Blogger blog
  • Publish XHTML-style markup
  • Use Writer in 28 additional languages
  • Print your posts
  • Justify-align post text
  • Better image handling (fewer blurry images)
  • Resolved installation issues from last release
  • Many other bug fixes and enhancements

Download here.

ZOHO – online office suite

I saw today an amazing online office suite: ZOHO.

Zoho is an a product of an Indian company called AdventNet and it includes everything from word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, notebooks to wikis, online databases, project management.

Guys, I tried it: It’s amazing.

A lot of features which inclueded in MS Office suite included here…and its totally free!!

Comparision to Google Docs is unavoidable: It’s better!

Try it.


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New and better document management in Google Docs

Google docs looks amazing!



The new home page has a sidebar that lets you filter the documents by tag (renamed to folder in the interface), by type or by collaborator. You can now see all your files by default, not only the documents or spreadsheets active in the last 30 days.
The folders can now have descriptions and you can send a document to a folder by using drag and drop!


Google removed the option to sort the files by name or author, so the only available sort option is by date.


The search box includes an autocomplete feature for file names, folders, authors.

Free Download: Refactor!™ for ASP.NET

Refactor! for ASP.NET version 2.2 by Developer Express is freely available to all ASP.NET 2.0 developers.

This release includes refactorings dedicated to ASP.NET development.

Great tool!

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