ALM User Group – February Meeting

This month, the MS ALM user group invited 2 presentorS to speak to the group: Tal Wayn and Leonid Ore from Solidity. The meeting was focused on the fascinating world of Business Intelligence as it is implemented on top of the Team Foundation Server OLAP Cube. The motto of the lectures was: “You can’t control what you can’t measure” and the presenters discussed methods of using the information stored in TFS as part of the natural conduct of TFS usage to create reports and KPIs that can be used to measure, control and monitor the process of software manufacturing.
Statistics show that most TFS users seldom use the built-in reporting capabilities of the platform that come as an out-off-the-box feature, even less users create their own reports. The presentors demonstrated that to actually have a true benefit of using TFS it is not enough to collect information about development, testing, requirement etc. all this data should be used for the goal of improving the quality and efficiency of the software creation process.
In the files attached to this post you will find the following:
• Technical overview of the TFS OLAP cube
• Suggestions about reports you might want to add to your daily management routine
TFS Reporting


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