Azure:Updated SDK and Tools for Visual Studio Available Now

The Windows Azure team’s Updated SDK and Tools for Visual Studio Available Now post of 1/14/2009 announces a refresh to the Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure tools for Visual Studio.

  1. Download Windows Azure SDK January 2009 CTP (v. of 1/14/2009)
  2. Download Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 2008 January 2009 CTP (v. 1.0 of 1/14/2009)

The new CTP offers:

    • Improved integration with Visual Studio
    • Performance improvements with execution and debugging scenarios
    • Improvements to Storage Client and ASP.Net provider samples
    • Added support to debug Silverlight in a web role
    • Bug and performance fixes based on customer feedback

Be sure to read the release notes before installing the SDK update: Windows Azure SDK CTP Release Notes.

Read the instructions on the download page before running the VSCloudService.msi installer for Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio January 2009 CTP.



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